How does Blue Light Affect the Sleep Cycle?

How does Blue Light Affect the Sleep Cycle?

Blue light is the light with blue wavelengths in the visible light spectrum with a wavelength of 450nm to 490nm. Among the seven colours of the visible light spectrum, blue has a shorter wavelength and higher energy level among the other colours that we see in our day-to-day life. 

Blue light is emitted from anything that emits light, which can even be the sun or our electronic gadgets like mobile phones and laptops. People often mistakenly believe that this light is very harmful and does not have any positive impact on the body, which is not valid. 

Blue light is required by the body to function correctly and maintain its sleep-wake cycle, also known as the circadian rhythm. Blue light also helps in boosting alertness and memory.


When does blue light start disturbing your sleep cycle? 

We know that anything in excess can become harmful, and the same happens for blue light. In this digital life, we are bound to use electronic gadgets every day and for long hours. Blue light emitted from these screens that our eyes are continuously exposed to, especially during the night, interferes with the body’s biological clock.


How to stop Blue Light from ruining your sleep?

It is not possible to block your exposure to blue light completely; here are some of the methods that you could try to avoid some blue light exposure.


  • Limiting the use of electronic gadgets: It is best to slowly reduce their usage, if not possible, try to not use your mobile phones, laptops or tablets at night or right before you go to sleep.




  • Using blue light filters: Today’s smartphones and laptops come with inbuilt features that reduce the screen’s blue light emission. These filters have names like ‘Night mode’, ‘Reading mode’, ‘Night light’, etc. 




  • Using Blue Light Blocking Glasses: This is the most effective way of saving your eyes and sleep from blue light rays. These glasses are specially made using lenses that can absorb blue light and make your screen time comfortable as your eyes don’t feel irritated or itchy.



Highly Recommended Blue Light Eye Blocking Glasses that you can buy online

Picking the right Blue Light Glasses for your eyes from the lot is a task and gets confusing. Many companies manufacture blue light glasses, but only some prove to be effective, so we will recommend some of the best glasses available in the market.

The online optical centre by Vision Direct has everything that your eye needs. It also has some good-looking and effective blue light glasses that you can consider buying, and here they are:


  • Arise Collective Savannah Blue Light Lens 015: These glasses are made of premium quality Transparent Brown Acetate frame and lenses with a special coating which makes them anti-glare and scratch-resistant. Vision Direct also provides you with a 2-year warranty and 100-days free return.




  • SmartBuy Collection Lita Blue-Light Block 925G



  • SmartBuy Collection Lita Blue-Light Block 925G: These unique Bronze Brown coloured oval-shaped glasses are made with a metal frame and should be your choice if you want to go for a trendy yet classy look. They have a 24 months warranty on them as well.




  • Arise Collective Jackson Blue Light 002: Made with the finest quality Dark Tortoise Acetate Frame, these classic square frames are a perfect fit for your sleek and elegant look. A 2-year warranty, 100 days easy return and free shipping are also offered on this pair.


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